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Nahir Construction Services offers the highest quality fencing installations throughout New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing quality fence installations. We have been serving our clients with this excellent service for over 20 years. Fence installation is a skill that we have perfected and we take installing fences very seriously. A fence can add lasting value to your property and we are able to provide you with a high quality, superior fence.

Fencing is one of our expert skills. All of our snow and safety fence installations strictly adhere to required industry standards. This way, Nahir Construction Services makes sure you pass inspection the first time, every time.

From your basic backyard fence to any type of commercial building in New Jersey, we install fence everywhere. Whether your project requires ten feet or ten miles of fence, we’ve done it. We also do repairs and removals.

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Supplied and installed:

Snow fence (includes 6′ stell post and ties)
Safety fence (includes 6′ stell post and ties)
Standard silt fence w/ 1-1/4 post
Heavy duty silt fence w/2×2 nom posts w/draw string and w/30″ wood lathe
Super silt fence w/ chain link fence
Heavy duty silt fence with plastic mesh
Stockage fence – #1 spruce 6′ x 8′ w/ 1 post
Post and rail – 4ft. 3-rail dowelled post and rail
4′ gate (includes 2 posts)
All type of fences available
Hay bales with stakes
Curlex (raked and seeded)
All straw blankets available